Sunsets – it’s not about the sun setting.  

People who know me, know that I love a good sunset – the colours and the reflection of the sun in the water, the hot colours swirling across the sky. I seek out holiday destinations that are west facing and would like to live on the west coast one day.  
Two things though- the presence of clouds and the beauty of a sunrise.  

It occurs to me that some of the best sunsets that I have seen are when the light reflected off the clouds creates the most beautiful of colours – sometimes almost a rainbow hue. (Teachers please note the use of parenthesis!). 

It made me reflect on this as an allegory for life. When life casts clouds over us, there we can experience some of the very best moments as the best moments shine brightly amongst or after the darkest of days. Sometimes we need the dark in order to see the light.  

The other thing that I have noticed is that I can be so busy thinking about capturing the perfect sunset that I am oblivious to the perfect dawn.  

How often do we search for something’s no ignoring what is right before us.  

Whatever, (as the youngsters say) if you are blessed by seeing/experiencing a sunset or a sunrise, take heart, the world is a wonderful place and the greater glory can help with our perspective on life at times.  


About hardingsonline

My first career was in the Nuclear Engineering Industry but I took the opportunity for a career break/rethink when my youngest son was born. I worked as a Teaching Assistant for ten years and during the last five of those I completed my teaching qualification part-time whilst working full time and bringing up my two sons. I qualified to teach in 2006 and have worked in two primary schools. I have been a SENCO for five and a half years and I am passionate about making outstanding provision for children with special needs. I am on the senior leadership team and enjoy the resposibility and challenge of this alongside my class teaching. I love being a teacher and retraining was the best career decision I have made. I am always looking to learn and improve what I do in school.
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