I love my sisters

When I watch Mamma Mia (as I have done tonight) I see those friendships as the relationships I have with my sisters. The good times, the bad times, the fact that something shared with one is something shared with all of them. Gosh, that makes it easy- you only have to say it once and then they say it for you.  We ache as one and celebrate as one.  I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

I also have been lucky to have some amazing sisters-in-law: Anne and Jayne.  They too have become part of my wider sisterhood and despite the geographical distance between us we pick up where we left off and we care for our families and are able to share our worries and concerns. 

But then I think of the other ‘sisters’. Starting with my niece, Rachel. She is learning from us how to be a support and nurture her friends – what she can expect from them. What a blessing she was to us all ( after all those boys Pilch!!!).
Then there are the ‘daughters-in-law’.  We are blessed with you: you know who you are. We will not always share opinions and there will be disagreements along the way – but my goodness, once you are part of the family, if you need something the sisters will respond.  

Of course, after that are my sisters that are not sisters: Carole, Kath, Sue, Janet, Judi, Julie, Debbie, Sue and more recent friends and colleagues.  What a joy it is to have female friends with whom it is possible to share joys, sadness and the occasional moan.

The ‘sisterhood’ has now expanded to real and virtual friends- long live the sisterhood! We need each other and can offer the support that comes from shared interests and beliefs. 

I am thankful.  I love my sisters. 


About hardingsonline

My first career was in the Nuclear Engineering Industry but I took the opportunity for a career break/rethink when my youngest son was born. I worked as a Teaching Assistant for ten years and during the last five of those I completed my teaching qualification part-time whilst working full time and bringing up my two sons. I qualified to teach in 2006 and have worked in two primary schools. I have been a SENCO for five and a half years and I am passionate about making outstanding provision for children with special needs. I am on the senior leadership team and enjoy the resposibility and challenge of this alongside my class teaching. I love being a teacher and retraining was the best career decision I have made. I am always looking to learn and improve what I do in school.
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