My first career was in the Nuclear Engineering Industry but I took the opportunity for a career break/rethink when my youngest son was born. I worked as a Teaching Assistant for ten years and during the last five of those I completed my teaching qualification part-time whilst working full time and bringing up my two sons. I qualified to teach in 2006 and have worked in two primary schools. I have been a SENCO for five and a half years and I am passionate about making outstanding provision for children with special needs. I am on the senior management team and enjoy the resposibility and challenge of this alongside my class teaching. I love being a teacher and retraining was the best career decision I have made. I am always looking to learn and improve what I do in school.


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  1. Kg says:

    Hi I actually read about you on an online article about ta’s who became teachers and what drew me to you was that you had a background in nuclear engineering and studied teaching while raising children. While I do not have a degree in engineering I have found myself in a position that I do not wish to pursue my field that I studied straight after school (and my children don’t like the long hours) and have looked into teachers aide while they are still so small. I have in the past worked with special needs and tried an accelerated teaching course. I have found your story very inspirational and have come to the understanding that it may be a long journey to get there in the end. Thank you

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