How do you say goodbye?

How do you tell someone that you love them? How do you thank them for everything that they mean to you?
For always being my first phone call when things went wrong – car crashes, poorly children to name two

For a wicked sense of humour – think of that raspberry book

For ALWAYS providing a hug

For teaching me to graciously accept offers of help

For spray painting that old bike a shiny new red

For showing what it means to be a man of God

For aiding and abetting as our wedding became a teddy bears’ tea party

For the introduction to the Saturday teatime classic – the syrup butty

For really making me laugh when I remember that you used to wear tights under your trousers when it was freezing at work in the winter

For wisdom and understanding

For never managing to convince me to get Sky Sports

You filled a gap in my life and occupied that place in my heart ever since.

It’s just too hard. I don’t have the words or the ability to recall all at once the myriad of things that I need to say.

Just sad.  And a bit cross.  But mostly sad.


About hardingsonline

My first career was in the Nuclear Engineering Industry but I took the opportunity for a career break/rethink when my youngest son was born. I worked as a Teaching Assistant for ten years and during the last five of those I completed my teaching qualification part-time whilst working full time and bringing up my two sons. I qualified to teach in 2006 and have worked in two primary schools. I have been a SENCO for five and a half years and I am passionate about making outstanding provision for children with special needs. I am on the senior leadership team and enjoy the resposibility and challenge of this alongside my class teaching. I love being a teacher and retraining was the best career decision I have made. I am always looking to learn and improve what I do in school.
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